Home guard, Liquorice and Gambling in Aarhus, Denmark

I am visiting Denamrk to take part in the Next Library conference with my friend and colleague Mette Steenberg – Mette  has set up Laserforinengen (I’ve just typed that without checking the spelling, I wonder how I did?Spelling corrections pls!), a sister organisation to The Reader Organisation.

Though I am seen here wearing my huge winter anorak, it’s actually not cold. I’m just lazy about carrying it.

Tomorrow we will be  talking about and demonstrating shared reading, but tonight we met up to plan our event,  have a coffee, and walk around  some of the older bits of Aarhus. Mette brought Phil a  liquorice pipe. It’s a thing they have going on between them, this pipe sharing, liquorice-loving thing.

 In the background the Aarhus Home Guard play Bach and Procul Harum while Phil and Mette very quickly demolish a ‘high-class’ liquorice pipe. On  the way to this band in a square we walked past a pretty low-key gambling shop ( we’ve been in Copenhagen  and are now used to much  lower low lifestyles.)

Meanwhile back at the hotel, we have a great view by day and by night:

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