Reading Time Log No. 2

Tuesday I read for half an hour in the morning (Arnold Bennett, The Old Wives Tale – half an hour is not enough to really get a rhythm going with it) and in the evening I read  Monday and Tuesday’s newspapers.
Wednesday I read for nearly three hours on the plane Liverpool-Dublin, and the coach Dublin-Galway. I read my husband Phil’s book, which I haven’t read since it was published, the year we were married, 1983. It’s good  – makes the case for personal reading and writing – and  an odd look-back: yep- we were doing this then and we still are… I was carrying a copy of the book as a gift to Tony Fleming of Limerick and started reading it out of  a sort of nostalgic curiosity.
Thursday I have read for two hours on the coach  Galway-Dublin- back to  The Old Wives Tale, as I met Tony in Galway last night and gave him Phil’s book. And I’ll get in another hour at the airport or on the flight.

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