I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

I hear that Patrick Ness called this, on Twitter,  the best book of the year…for adults or children.
I follow Patrick on Twitter but must have missed that one – took no notice because I  didn’t know Klassen. But I’ve just found a copy of  the book – kindly donated by Walker Books –  in the Garden Room at Liverpool Hope University where The Reader Organisation (in the persons of Charlotte and Dave) is running a Reader-in-Residence project with the Faculty of Education.

 It is very very good.

As I read I thought of all the  places I’ve worked, all the people I’ve worked with, all the bad things that have happened and all crimes I might have wanted to commit…

I thought about what happens to us when we read a book – so much easier to think about with small amounts of  language, as here, than say, with Middlemarch or Crime and Punishment.

Am I comparing I Want My Hat Back with Middlemarch and Crime and Punishment?

Read it and see. You don’t even need a small child.

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