Daily Practice


I originally conceived of this blog as  a way of keeping a record of  what I’d been reading but February 2017 I decided to make it an account of actual reading, my daily practice.

Each day I try to read something, and to write about it as I read, for an hour. That usually comes out at about a thousand words, not counting the text itself. I wish it could be shorter but that seems the minimum length for a bit of reading and thinking for me.

I’m not following strict rules about what I do here. I’ve read a number of poems and as I write this (May 7, 2017) have just started reading Silas Marner. That could last a lifetime at the slow pace I’m going.

There are likely to be days when I want, or need, to read a particular poem or some other work, or to post a recommendation for a book I’ve enjoyed, or occasionally to write about something that has happened to me or about gardening or sewing or cooking or walking. So I’ll be interrupting myself.

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