Paradise Lost

I’m doing a weekly reading of Paradise Lost, usually posted on a Sunday morning. Search ‘paradise lost’. The entries are numbered. I’m using this page to keep a list of  things I want to think about at some point -and  may or may not come back to.

  1. The bigger question ( ‘what first caused the infernal serpent?’) is one we haven’t come to yet (Paradise Lost 4: Milton turning on a sixpence and heading towards Hell)
  2. Where am I going to find some way to think about ‘pride?’
  3. Bk1, line 70 – ‘Eternal Justice’, Can it really be just that a place should be prepared  in which ‘hope never comes that comes to all’?
  4. Bk 1 Lines 97-99 – Satan’s first account of his motives and feelings – fixt mind, high disdain, sense of injured merit.
  5. Bk 1 lines 209-215 – My unease at the sense of God allowing or even choosing to let Satan be free to do  evil, in order that the greater glory of God be made visible by Satan’s bad action.  Is God all good, or simply all powerful?  All powerful and thus containing in some sense evil ? If God is  everything – even evil …