Paradise Lost

I’m doing a weekly reading of Paradise Lost, usually posted on a Sunday morning. Search ‘paradise lost’. The entries are numbered. I’m using this page to keep a list of  things I want to think about at some point -and  may or may not come back to.

  1. The bigger question ( ‘what first caused the infernal serpent?’) is one we haven’t come to yet (Paradise Lost 4: Milton turning on a sixpence and heading towards Hell)
  2. Where am I going to find some way to think about ‘pride?’
  3. Bk1, line 70 – ‘Eternal Justice’, Can it really be just that a place should be prepared  in which ‘hope never comes that comes to all’?
  4. Bk 1 Lines 97-99 – Satan’s first account of his motives and feelings – fixt mind, high disdain, sense of injured merit.